Info on album.... 

for all of you, yes im still working on the new album. life, responsibility and some mild creative blocks have pushed the publish date back. its still coming out though. :)

Song Conversions 

Just an fyi, I spent all night replacing all the songs with .mp3's. They were originally .WAV files. I feel this presented two problems. 1) the .WAVs were too big and 2) I sense that there could've been compatibility issues using .WAV files across different devices. As a result, there will be a very minor downgrade in audio quality that only those with perfect hearing will notice. On the upside, I was able to properly tag the songs and embed album art within each song file. Now, when you load the songs in your respective device, everything will be organized with cool art. Hopefully.

New/Old Album Update 

so like i stated in an earlier blog post, i pushed aside the new album for a few minutes to put together an album with a bunch of songs i wrote many years ago. well, i managed to salvage about 12 out of the many songs. I'm working on tweaking an mixing these songs so expect something soon :)

Still Working On New Album But.... 

Yes. The new album will be coming out (hopefully by the end of the year) but I made the decision to put it on hold for now. Not to worry, though. Im just re-writing and re-singing some old songs I wrote many years back. Im taking them on from a new angle and breathing new life into them. It should be out soon.